Top 10 Insurance Companies In The World

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Top 10 Insurance Companies In The World

Founded in 1831, this is a market leader in Italy as well as other countries. Its presence is well felt in at least 60 countries worldwide with dominance in the Eastern, Central and Western Europe. The company’s main attention is on the life insurance packages with products ranging from family protection, unit-link insurance plans, and savings policies among others. Though its main business is in the life insurance products, the company is also known for its good performance in dealing with a non-life segment. Such products include car coverage, accident, health, home as well as industrial and commercial risk. The group employs about 77,000 personnel and has a 65 million customer base.

Best Insurance Companies in the World

Insurance is an important aspect of any individual or organization. The above list of top 10 insurance companies in the world enumerates some of the largest and most reliable companies to engage within contracts. To land on the best company, consider the company, rating, their specialization, their financial strength, office proximity, discounts offered, premium rates and above all, refusal of past claims. The companies above have some of the best products and reputation thus one can confidently become their partners in business.

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